Your Life, Your Timers

Tap Timer is chock full of ways for you to customize your timer, multiple colours, sounds, timer name and bespoke interval timers it's got you covered.

Colours icon

Beautiful Colours

Hand picked colours to make your timers stand out and look great.

Sounds icon

Ear Grabbing Sounds

Sounds perfectly picked to grab your attention, but not to annoy.

Gestures icon

Gestures Galore

Tap to start, tap to pause, pan to set and double tap to rest.

alarm repeat icon

Alarm Repetition

Alarms don't need to run forever, you choose how many times it beeps.

Names icon

Named Timers - Pro

Reuse your timers time and time again with meaningful names.

Interval timers icon

Interval Timers - Pro

Chain together two of your existing timers to create workout interval timers.

Timer repeat icon

Timer Repeat - Pro

Set a single timer to repeat up to 99 times.


Simon Barker

Frustrated with the existing crop of timer Apps in the App Store for timing my workout rest periods I created Tap Timer. When working out the last thing you want is to be messing about with a complicated timer App that has small buttons, small writing and requires the alarm to be dismissed every time it finishes. I designed Tap Timer as the perfect gym companion, it gets out of your way so you can lift, sprint, row or stair-master in peace. I use and develop Tap Timer every day.




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